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Fall 2023

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Advances in AI may enable new ways to deliver high quality healthcare at lower cost. In this course, we will discuss several aspects of the clinical AI lifecycle, with an emphasis on real-world principles and experiences. Sessions will be led by members of Stanford’s Partnership for AI-Assisted Care (PAC) and affiliates.


Ehsan Adeli
PhD, Faculty
Amit Kaushal
MD, PhD, Faculty
Fei-Fei Li
PhD, Faculty
Arnold Milstein
MD, MPH, Faculty
Kevin Schulman
MD, Faculty
Alan Luo
Grad Student
Zane Durante
Grad Student



Tracy Terada
Shrinidhi KL


9/29/23Alan LuoICU Clinical Behavioral Atlas 
10/6/23Amit Kaushal, MD, PhDProject Selection and Interdisciplinary Collaboration 
10/13/23Kevin Schulman, MDBusiness Models for Machine Learning 
10/20/23Paul Tang, MDHarnessing AI at the Point-of-Care: A Glimpse into the Physician's Mental Model 
10/27/23Zane DuranteTechnical evaluation of model performance 
11/3/23Dev Dash, MD, MPHDeploying AI in the Clinical Setting 
11/10/23Roger Bohn, PhDAI and Information Overload 
11/17/23Ehsan Adeli, PhDModeling and Mitigating Bias in Medical Studies 
11/24/23 Thanksgiving 
12/1/23 Project Presentations #1 
12/8/23 Project Presentations #2 
12/15/23 Finals 


1 unit: weekly seminar attendance
2-4 units: project participation